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RiF was established to be useful and make a difference; it is driven by interesting projects not financial business metrics. As such we never take on a project without first discussing exactly what a potential client wants to get out of the interaction. If our full time or associate consultants cannot help it is highly likely that we know someone who can and thus we are happy to provide recommendations and introductions. Once we've discussed a potential project and have established that we are appropriately skilled then we will prepare a first draft formal quote. Once a client sees the project set out as objectives, process, timing, etc. they may refine their requirements and we will happily iterate the quote until everyone is clear and happy. For simple projects this can of course be a very fast interaction but experience suggests it is beneficial for all to be clear from the outset.
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We've given up with landlines! Please use: 07949818721, this will reach us wherever we are.


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Research In Focus Ltd, Innovation House, Molly Millars Close, Wokingham, RG41 2RX

Please note that we maximise the use of remote working to enhance our staff’s performance and well being. You will ALWAYS be able to find someone at the end of the telephone number listed above or via our generic contact email. We do however encourage a positive work/life balance and therefore do NOT expect staff members to respond to emails, etc. outside of their working hours

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