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Grant applications support by former funding staff


What We do


Critical Friend Written proposal Support and pre-interview Coaching

Virtually, we sit alongside PIs and larger funding application teams, confidentially supporting proposal development. Most often that means we review fairly late stage draft proposals and mark these up with detailed and specific suggestions for improvement. We provide that objective but supportive view not long before submission when individuals/teams may have been working on the bid for so long that it can become difficult to “see the wood for the trees”.

In addition to supporting written bids we provide support for those preparing for funding interviews. Over a period of time prior to the interview we help interviewees to prepare and shape what they wish to say, prepare themselves mentally and conduct mock interviews all to enhance their performance.


Creative Thinking events

Utilising our pragmatic creativity approach, we support collaborative partnerships, or groups who know “we want to do something, but we need help to get from general ideas to at least the outline of a grant application”. 


Training & Facilitation

We don’t just consult on a 1:1 basis, sometimes larger numbers of staff require more general knowledge to help prepare their bids. We run in-person training courses for ECRs, or those looking to apply for an individual fellowship or groups of researchers associated with learned societies with or without follow on 1:1 advice on outline proposals.  If you’re an individual looking for support we’ve got you covered too! Please see whether we have a self-guided, online course that meets your needs on our online learning portal.

Why Choose Us

We Understand Research Funding


We don’t have a one size fits all solution. Often the same intervention suits lots of people so we have standard models but each project is different so we listen to your needs first, then make a proposal rather than offering a specific “product” which might not work for you.


We care about what we do, we really care!  RiF was established as a mechanism to allow our founder to work on interesting projects not as a purely business enterprise.  It has to keep the bank manager happy but ultimately we take on projects because we want to make a difference.


We have spent our whole careers working in the academic research field and know that good ideas don’t only happen within 9-5, Monday-Friday.  We seek to be as responsive as possible whilst treating all our clients fairly.


What Our Clients Say?

“Just wanted to say a huge thanks to you […] was very impressed with your contribution and it really helped them to focus on key messages and reflect on areas less well thought through”.  

Head of Research Development

“Thanks again Becky for all your help & advice, which I & colleagues found extremely valuable! I’ve fed this back to the … research & enterprise office, and recommended that they involve you as an adviser on other large/strategic bids”.

An ESRC Strategic Grant Applicant
“Thank you very much for all your work on these case studies; I think they have been hugely improved with your help and look in good shape now”.
A REF Coordinator
Image of Rebecca Steliaros

Drop us a Line ...

RiF was established to be useful and make a difference; it is driven by interesting projects not financial business metrics. As such we never take on a project without first discussing exactly what a potential client wants to get out of the interaction. If our full time or associate consultants cannot help it is highly likely that we know someone who can and thus we are happy to provide recommendations and introductions. Once we've discussed a potential project and have established that we are appropriately skilled then we will prepare a first draft formal quote. Once a client sees the project set out as objectives, process, timing, etc. they may refine their requirements and we will happily iterate the quote until everyone is clear and happy. For simple projects this can of course be a very fast interaction but experience suggests it is beneficial for all to be clear from the outset.